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New release from Malfaktor! The Seed ”Portent Of Malediction Mix” [remix By Alex Brewis Of Attrition] on #SoundCloud

New release from Malfaktor! Dirty Faith [remix By Schultz] on #SoundCloud

New release from Malfaktor! Sarcophagus [remix by De-Tached] on #SoundCloud

New release from Malfaktor! Memoirs Of A Dead Man ”Virulent Bastard” [remix by Cold Flesh Colony] on #SoundCloud

Onward We March…

Hello Again Friends/Fans/Family:

2013 has been a tough and trying year for Malfaktor, as we have had to restructure the band over and over again, but this year seemed to be more difficult than in previous years to bounce back to from. Constant set-backs, delays, and personal issues have had their way with the band this year, but we are all looking forward to the new year, 2014. Here is some of what you can expect from us over the next months, so please don’t fret…we are not going anywhere anytime soon!

Since our upcoming album, Mydriasis, has still not been recorded, this is the first on our list of things to finish, so don’t expect us to reemerge until the album is finally complete. One thing that must be said about Mydriasis is that it is a quick look back and a huge leap forward sound-wise, style-wise, and its overall feel. Our brothers from Entropy Studios will have a huge hand in bringing this album above and beyond our expectations, so we are ever-so-anxious to get the ball rolling and get the album into their hands!

Next, we are looking forward to touring this coming year, whether it’s a West Coast-type tour or something much more broad. Our music has already been heard worldwide via pod casts, DJs, and through social media, but we will never be satisfied until we have stepped out of our comfort zone by taking the steps needed to venture out and tour.

Lastly, we will be increasing our inventory in preparation for future shows and touring, so keep an eye out for new merchandise, including: t-shirts, physical CDs, posters, and stickers, along with specialized gear that will correspond to the upcoming new album, Mydriasis. 

We will unfortunately be a bit inactive during the next following months until Mydriasis is finally released, but there is still a lot to look forward to in the coming year, as mentioned above. We will also be releasing a few unreleased remix tracks that didn’t quite make our second album, REMIX/RELAPSE, over the next few months to keep your attention, so please look out for those releases, which will be released strickly on our official SoundCloud page. 

We want to wish you all a safe and joyous Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Happy New Years, and we, Malfaktor, will be buzzing around in your eardrums very soon!!! We would not have been around for 8 years if it was not for your patience and continued love and support of this band, so we want to say thank you, and we love each and every one of you who support what we do!! 

Thanks again!!!

Next Show: ELECTRONIC WARFARE VII w/ MALFAKTOR, LARVA (Spain), & ENDEMIC on Friday, September 13, 2013






LARVA (Advoxya Records; Spain): 
-Currently on the ‘Where the Butterflies Go to Die’ Tour 2013-






DOORS @ 8:00 PM
$5 BEFORE 10:00 PM, $10 AFTER 10:00 PM
21+ w/ ID

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